Being Human: Living Life (As Opposed to Avoiding Death)

Hopefully, you read my last post, which means you now have a deeper understanding of what it means to live life as a human being. I posed several questions to you at the end of that piece.

  • What, specifically, should you spend time thinking about, and why?
  • What particular goals should…

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Being Human: Think, Produce, Succeed

In several of my previous posts, I’ve used phrases like “to live properly as a human being” and “according to your nature.” What exactly have I meant by this, and why is it important to understand your own nature as a human being in order to live well?


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The Sovereignty of Your Own Mind: Being First-Handed

In many ways, life in 2018 is incredible – better than it’s ever been at any point in human history. At the same time, we find ourselves facing unique challenges in the digital age. Some of these problems can be deceptively damaging to your eudaimonia and require deep introspection and integrity to overcome.

For today, I’d…

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First Post – Living Well on Earth

What a title, right? It’s 2018; it seems like half of the internet is dedicated to self-help, happiness, or some other variation on the same broad idea. Why would I choose to write about something so ubiquitous – and just who am I, anyway? What makes me both interested in writing about living well…

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